Welcome to Core Fusion Technologies Inc.

Core Fusion Technologies is a solution based company providing tactical and innovative security camera solutions for any industry. We are Canada's elite group of CCTV consultants, specializing in Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems and network ready digital security management software.

Our goal is to understand your organization and commit to solving your security issue(s) by strategically building a digital security platform for which you and your business can consistently rely upon.

Whether its loss prevention, employee theft, brand management, commercial/residential security and/or day-to-day business management, we will effectively deliver results - saving your business money.

Core Fusion Technologies specializes and provides security support to any industry including; Hotels, Franchises, Resorts, Sea Ports, Schools, Malls, Construction, Oil & Gas Industries, Patrol Vehicles, Retail/Manufacturing Environments, Mines, Municipality Infrastructure, and Airports.